Soul Survivor B Summer festival 2017

RE: Soul Survivor Week B @ Peterborough Showground, 19th – 24th August 2017

Want a super fun, action packed, young centered, God centred, Summer holiday? Well Soul Survivor may just be for you! This event is open to anyone in school years 8-13.

“What is Soul Survivor?”14034745_1781568378781472_5799724149971006052_n

It’s a Christian youth event, with: thousands of young people, stacks of tents, worship, teaching, ministry, cafes, seminars – which cover a wide range of topics relevant to young people, gigs, sports programmes, dance venues, and their very own cinema……basically its lots of fun.

“Where is Soul Survivor?”

After 24 years of Soul Survivor being held in Shepton Malet, this year they have changed venue to Peterborough Arena (Peterborough PE2 6XE).

13937827_1780783352193308_7886290801122634766_o-1“How much does it cost?”

The camping ticket depends on when way make your payment.

The early you the book the cheaper it will be:
• £94 before the 30th Jan 2016
• £104 before the 31st Jan – 1st May 2017
• £114 from the 2nd May 2017 on-wards.

£75 in either cash or cheque will cover travel and food expenses (breakfast, lunch, and £7 for dinner). If you need help funding this trip we may be able to help! Please don’t let money be an issue.

“I’m interested in coming!”

If your interested (yay!) or would like to like find out more, please click the link below, which will take you to our parent letter. Please fill out and return the consent form to Oli Deeks to secure your place. You can also check out Soul Survivor website to find out more.