Parents Workshop / Self Harm / 19 May

The phrase ‘self-harm’ is used to describe a wide range of behaviours. Self-harm is often understood to be a physical response to an emotional pain of some kind, and can be very addictive. Some of the things people do are quite well known such as; cutting, burning or pinching, but there are many, many ways a young person can hurt themselves, including; abusing drugs and alcohol or having an eating disorder.

Sometimes, it’s more important to focus on how someone is feeling rather than what they do to themselves. Quite often, people find that more helpful. (Self Harm UK, 2017)

Self-harm often happens during times of anger, distress, fear, worry, depression or low self-esteem, in order to manage or control negative feelings. Self-harm can also be used as a form of self-punishment for something someone has done, thinks they have done, are told by someone else that they have done, or that they have allowed to be done to themselves.

It is thought that around 13% of young people may try to hurt themselves on purpose at some point between the ages of 11 and 16, but the actual figure could be much higher.

The statistics speak for themselves. In 2014, figures were published suggesting a 70% increase in 10-14 year olds attending A&E for self-harm related reasons over the preceding 2 years. In reality self-harm doesn’t happen to one type of person, it can’t be predicted and scarily, we don’t really know how many people are going through it.

Self Harm is a ‘coping mechanism’ for survival. ‘In the vast universe of human suffering, few activities rank as puzzling and disconcerting as deliberate self- harm’ (Suyemoto, 1998).

The Questions we ask as parents, grandparents, youth workers, teachers, etc. are;

  • What are the signs?
  • How do we react?
  • Where can help be found?
  • What do I do?

On the 19th May 2017, 7.30-9pm, SJB Youth Ministry is hosting a PARENTS WORKSHOP (grandparents, youth workers, teachers, anyone who has regular contact with young people, are welcome) where there will be the opportunity to hear more and discuss self-harm. We warmly invite you to join us. We don’t have all the answers but let’s look at what we do know, what we can do and where we can go for help.

Suzette Jones is our guest speaker – she is a registered nurse, holding a masters degree and diploma with a mental health and wellbeing specialism. Suzette has over 30 years experience working with a wide variety of people, from those who have severe health problems, mental illness and/or a learning disability in hospital and community settings.

Details of the workshop:

Date: Friday 19th May 2017
Time: 7.30pm – 9pm (the event is running the same time as SJB Youth Club, so we will entertain your young person while you attend the workshop).
Location: Almond room in the Link, St John the Baptist Church, Windlesham, Church road, GU20 6BL.
Cost: good news its FREE!
Refreshments: yes!! we know parents run off caffeine.

To RSVP, please contact Oli Deeks and let him know you’re planning on coming.

We hope you can join us!