Wednesday, 08 June 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Individual Private Prayer

Individual Private Prayer

I am delighted to say that St John’s church is remaining open for private individual prayer two days a week. It is with great thanks to the PCC and others who have given time to ensure we are able to open the church doors to all who wish to come and pray in the building.

The doors will be open

  • Wednesdays   11.00am – 12noon
  • Sundays    2.00pm – 4.00pm

We ask that you enter via the West Door and leave via the South Door. Hand sanitiser is readily available at both the entrance and exit which we ask you ensure you use. May we also ask that you keep to the areas which are open (please do not pass beyond the taped off areas), maintain required social distancing at all times and respect those who may already be in the building praying.

There are several ‘Prayer Boards‘ en route around the church:


They each have a short passage from the bible, some prayers and a picture to help us journey through the building. We invite you to take your time and use them as an aid to your prayers as you make your way through the building. They will lead you to the pews set aside for your private individual prayer.

Finally, there will be church members on site to welcome you, and to be on hand if there are any issues. I look forward to welcoming you in to St John’s very soon!

with every blessing
Jonathan Hillman



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