SJB youth club // Archery Tag // 7th July

Archery TAG for SJB youth club (7th July 2017)

You’re invited to participate in ARCHERY TAG at SJB youth club on Friday 7th July, 7.30pm – 9.30pm. What is archery TAG? It’s basically dodgeball and paintball but played with a bow and foam tipped … Read More

Sunrise Service 2017

Join us this Easter Sunday at 5.45am as we gather for our sunrise service. We meet at the Monument Car Park (SL5 0HY),on Chobham Common around 5.30am before making our way up to the Memorial … Read More

Parents Workshop / Self Harm / 19 May

The phrase ‘self-harm’ is used to describe a wide range of behaviours. Self-harm is often understood to be a physical response to an emotional pain of some kind, and can be very addictive. Some of … Read More

Slum Survivor (27th-28th May)

What is Slum survivor? Slum Survivor is a weekend event where we’ll choose to spend a day the way a billion people who live in the world’s slums spend their lifetimes. We’ll build and live … Read More

Pancake cafe – 28th Feb

Pancake cafe Come and join us on Tuesday 28th Feb 2017 (shrove Tuesday), for free pancakes at St John’s Church and link hall. That’s right, FREE pancakes! Cafe is open at 10am – 12pm at … Read More

Christmas Day

Christmas Day We warmly invite you all to join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We begin the day with a quiet reflective communion service at 8.00am which is followed at 10.00am by … Read More